Merited artist of Kazakhstan (1996)
Born in Taldy-Kurgan region, in the village Kyzylbalyk on 14th of May 1947.
From 1968 and 1970, graduated from a two-year drama school at Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M. Auezov.
Since 1970, works in the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.
From 1985 and 1990, graduated the history department of the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute.
Roles in the Theater:
Sholpan in performance "Aiman - Sholpan" by M.Auezov (A.Mambetov),
Tekti in "Karagoz", Narbota in "Light Love" by S.Mukanov,
Maira in "Maira" by A.Tazhibaev,
Makpal in the "Legend of the steppe" by K.Mukashev,
Gulzipa in "Mother's grief" by B.Rimova,
Baibishe in "Sacrifice" by K.Yskak,
Aigerim in a symbolic drama "Abay desem...",
Chambermaid in "Seventh Chamber" by A.Suleimenov,
The old woman in the "Staff reduction",
Shokish in "Angel with a devilish face" by R.Mukanova,
Gulzhahan in "Wedding of Kyrmanbai" by T.Nurmaganbetov,
Mom of Shamshi in "Gypsy serenade" by I.Saparbay,
Old woman in the comedy "Laugh or cry?" by Y.Zhuasbek,
Old woman in requiem "Is there a poison that I did not drink?" by Iran-Gaiyp (dir O.Kenebaev),
Zhihan in "Slipper" by D.Faizi,
Adela in "The House of Bernarda Alba" by G. Lorca,
Anpi in "Charlie's Sister" by B.Thomas,
Crazy woman in "Blind" by M.Maeterlinck,
Old woman in "White Steamer" by Sh.Aitmatov,
Celestine in "Turandot" by Gozzi,
Polite old woman in the drama "To live without causing pain to each other" by B.Zhakiev,
Old woman in the "Avalanche" by T.Zhuzhenoglu and others.
Roles in the movies:
Starred main roles in movies like «Surzhekey – the angel of death» (serial movie), «Saitan Kopir», «Kazakh story», «Elim-ai!», «Ulzhan», «Revenge», «The most delicate», «Spring comes late in Astana», «Faith» and others.